Research & Development

The R&D is the soul of Supercap Srl. Research allows us to understand the structure of our products while Development allows us to dream new products as new State-of-the-Art technologies allow for unique designs and packaging innovations, where details make the difference.

Throughout the years we were the first to create these new products:

Supercap ECO

The reduction of our greenhouse gas emissions together with the employment of raw materials derived from renewable polyethylene, have allowed us to create the first-zero-carbon-footprint T-Cap closure.

Other multinationals in the beverage industry, are now using biotechnological materials for their packaging, but Supercap is the first closure designer and closure manufacturing company to employ these state-of-the-art technologies to design and manufacture closures for spirits and condiments.

Supercap ECO® uses a bio-based technology, which features renewable polymers derived from sugar cane. The extraction process for this plastic/polyethylene natural material has a very low impact on the environment and its CO2 emissions are reduced greatly in comparison to the traditional extraction process from plastics derived from fossil fuels.

We were the first to develop this technology for the T-Cap closures in 2016.

The Supercap ECO® T-caps are now available either monopiece or co-injected. Co-injection is a term that identifies the direct injection of the leg onto the top, without the need for other adhesives. This allows for the design of a compact and solid closure that is also environment-friendly and with zero-impact on the entire ecosystem.


We use the term coinjection to describe what is normally called overmoulding, because it defines exactly how are closures are realized as the shank is injected directly into the Top. Supercap was the first company in the world to use this technology for wooden and metal tops.
What makes this technology unique is that because of the coinjection, the product becomes a one-piece item, making it impossible to break, particularly during the opening of the bottle.

The coinjected closures can be made both with the traditional materials used for the technical closures and for the new sanitized cork micro-granules Nature® line. The product inside the bottle can thus rest safe and protected.

NoRefill TEC

The result of a long research and innumerable studies:

it features a glass ball inside the shank with a double function, which allows for the product to be smoothly poured, while blocking any attempt to pour some other product into the original bottle, thus avoiding any type of counterfeiting.

Supercap Nature

Both visually and by touch, it recalls the natural cork texture.

It is composed by micro-granules of sanitized cork blended with thermoplastic materials.

Its structure is such that it prevents any type of crumbling during the opening of a bottle. Compared to the traditional technical closures, Supercap Nature contains no glue.

The closures prevent the migration of contaminants or harmful substances, which could alter the organoleptic properties of the product inside the bottle. The Supercap Nature® includes the Nature C, designed for sparkling wines and the Nature T-Cap.

The entire Nature line is resistant to molds and bacteria and features a good elastic range and an excellent dimensional stability.

Research has produced an excellent performance line of products, with no cork taint and a limited permeability to oxygen, thus preserving all aromas and flavors as intended by distillers and wine makers.



The R&D department has also greatly contributed to the attainment of this vital certification:

all Supercap products and production systems are BRC – GLOBAL STANDARD FOR PACKAGING & PACKAGING MATERIALS certified, a fundamental requirement for manufacturers to guarantee compliance with all food safety requirements and demonstrate due diligence in production and sanitation.


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