Producing such an essential item like a closure, may seem quick and easy.
This is not the case, behind every characterizing element of the packaging there is a long and careful work that requires many different skills.

This is why in SUPERCAP we strongly believe in the cooperation of specific teams.

Teamwork allows us to broaden perspectives, expand our vision, increase problem solving skills and combine everyone’s expertise and talents.

Thus we can carry out projects within scheduled times and controls, achieving a very high quality.

From the first contact with the customer to the development of the idea, from the creation of the product to the sampling, from quality control to production, from accounting to logistics, a single large project that grows and extends throughout the coordinated work of everyone, with the only aim to provide what our customer was looking for and what he needed.

The many professionals involved, accountants, buyers, chemists, designers, technicians, researchers, collaborate in different teams that carry out each one of our projects. 

The Research & Development team, which physically brings the product into being (because it’s not easy to make what is often thought as feasible), and the Sales team that takes care of every other aspect, from the acquisition of the customer and his needs, to the logistics and customer service. A team up to the task, always ready and mindful to make sure that there are no major problems during the development, production and delivery of the product, because we know how important it is for you.

Our work team involves also you, our customers and our suppliers, those who daily give us the opportunity to face new challenges, technologies and increasingly hi-tech materials.

Yes, because SUPERCAP develops every project like this, because we like to see you smile when you uncork a bottle, be it a distillate spirit, wine, condiment or a room fragrance

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