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Our research and activities aim at the development of new materials and innovative solutions, that can be used in a wide variety of closures.

Searching and testing polymers of natural origin, or technical and technological solutions that can provide a product with characteristics similar or superior to those of the traditionally used materials, is part of our mission.

Nowadays food packaging represents a key factor in the preservation and appreciation of food and beverages: from something used as a simple container, it became a fundamental means of preserving the product quality, protecting it from microbiological and chemical contamination, at the same time maintaining all its organoleptic and nutritional properties.

This is extremely important for those who, like us, produce closure systems that will then be used with all types of liquids, from mineral water, to precious wines, oil, vinegar, spirits and, why not, room fragrances.

Great commitment is currently put towards the development and use of properly processed biopolymers, thus able to provide closures of great mechanical quality and totally compatible with the ethical and environmental needs that we must take into account.

Supercap E | C | O® was born from that, the first closure that uses a BIO-based technology, characterized by renewable polymers of plant origin.

The foundation of this sustainable approach resides in the life cycle of the sugar cane, from which this BioPE derives.

The Sugar cane, throughout its life cycle, absorbs more CO2 than what’s emitted from the entire production process, thus making our Supercap E | C | O® products, the first closures in the spirits industry to be zero carbon footprint.

On the other hand Supercap Nature®, a blend of sanitized natural cork granules and a selected mixture of thermoplastic materials suitable for food contact, without glue.

With the same determination, we also develop new designs and specific ideas in order to always be able to provide the best solution to any closure problem.

This is our work and our daily commitment.

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