We build CUSTOMER experiences

Each project comes from many choices, the customer that chooses to trust us first of all.

A choice that takes into account a path that will be explored together, made of empathy, collaboration, exchange of ideas and even clashes, but which will lead to a common result and, why not, to a new project.

This journey starts from collecting the needs of our customers, passes through their analysis, takes shape and materializes in a specific solution, keeps going until the delivery of the product and continues with after-sales assistance.

We have grown by following the requests of our customers together with the needs of the market, each experience led us to develop a working method and an obsessive attention to every detail, to understand what are the real needs of each project and each individual customer.

Trusting the quality of your product is very important, but not enough to create a path made of many steps that will lead our customer to be truly satisfied.

We chose to voluntarily adopt the BRCGS standard, a specific certification for the food and drink packaging field, to let our customers feel greater confidence in our working method.

This allowed us to establish confidential and sincere relationships with them, that integrates perfectly with all the processes of strategy, organization and before/after delivery assistance of Supercap products.

All these characteristics are key in creating that positive experience that we believe is essential in carrying out our work.

Putting the customer’s needs, wishes and expectations at the center of our business strategy is the way we chose to operate. A smooth and harmonious experience able to completely satisfy the indications and needs of our customer, creating the perfect closure with tailor-made precision able to protect his work and enhance his brand. A continuous interaction between customer and company, which goes beyond the traditional customer / supplier relationship; a journey, made of continuous confrontation, able to develop solid foundations for future projects together.

What can we do for you?

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fax +39.0721.471243

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