We at Supercap give great value to social responsibility

Giving back to the environment and the community part of what is given to us is a pleasure, before being an ethical and moral duty.

We design, develop and produce respecting the environment, recovering and regenerating waste materials and water used in our production plants. This, combined with the development and use of bio-based materials and raw materials that do not impact on the environment in terms of harmful emissions and which prove to be renewable, has always been a staple of our company.

This mindset led us to develop a work ethic that makes us personally involved, not only in corporate welfare but also in social and cultural activities of our territory and beyond.

We are in fact sharing research and development projects with universities, collaborating with sport associations, supporting nonprofit organizations, associations for social inclusion and hospitals, especially in this particular historical context. 

These are just some of the areas that see us involved in the daily life of the community, we also support foreign associations, always keeping an eye towards what happens in our business field.

Much respect and attention in producing our closures with efficiency, technology and resources management, but first of all a sincere gratitude and appreciation towards this world and all those people who allow us to carry out our project.

A way to do business in a close relationship with our environment, which is the real resource to protect. An increasingly important subject for every activity that wants to achieve ethical and sustainable growth aiming to a more equitable and healthy future for generations to come.

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Via Cairo, 83
Mombaroccio (PU) CAP 61024, Italy

C.F. e P.Iva 01492440415
Cap. Soc. Euro: 86.700,00 i.v.
tel. +39.0721.470507
fax +39.0721.471243

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