We build PARTNERSHIP experiences

The satisfaction brought by a job well done.

Receiving requests from all over the world to study and develop closures gives us great motivation for all the work that our team carries out every day.

Our commitment to make the Supercap brand known was also assisted by the precious work of our Partners, distributors and agents who, in every part of the world, allow us to find new opportunities to grow and develop our sales network.

This collaboration made us enter markets such as Europe, rich in tradition, and the modern and innovative USA.

An important and delicate work of mediation between us and the customer, which over the years has been creating new and stimulating business opportunities able to tell our philosophy, the quality of an efficient product and to make everyone appreciate our whole research background.

Creating valuable partnerships means first of all interacting in a transparent and honest way, in order to achieve long lasting relationships that aim at mutual growth.

This is what we found in companies like Corchomex, together we created our associate company Supercap North America. Rankin Cork for the Anglo-Saxon market and Univerre for the French one. We also reach overseas countries collaborating with AO. Wilson for the Canadian market, Nimble Jack Partners and Brick Packaging for the US and PackPlusPerù for the South American market.

All these companies have believed in the quality of Supercap products and continue to do so with great attention and consistency, considering a market rich in quality and particular needs, given the great differentiation of its products.

Thanks to our agents we can operate deeply not only in Italy, but also in countries such as Spain, Russia, Scandinavian countries and Greece.

A “Worldwide” working team so to speak, which truly believes in the growth of a product that has transformed over the years, becoming an integral part of the image of major international and non-international brands, that improves its technology every day aiming more and more at safeguarding the environment

A big THANK YOU to all these people who bring the principles of our family around the world, a demonstration that only together we can grow and achieve great things. 

What can we do for you?

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