Sustainability, this is what we want to talk about this month.
More and more a philosophy of life, within our reality, where through planning, conception, development of sustainable strategies and practices, we try to increase the quality and efficiency of each activity and all our business processes.

Starting from the simplest and most easily implemented technologies such as solar panels for the production of electricity, the recovery and re-use of process water, the recovery of raw materials and their reintroduction in the production cycle, always carrying out a correct separate collection of waste. Every single step is planned in a green perspective with the aim of improving sustainability within the company.

Thus resources are used in a more concrete and rational way, we recycle and waste is reduced to improve the quality of the product, of our work and to have the least possible impact on the environment. This is also our daily commitment of research and innovation.

We produce more than 20% of the energy needs of our company with the solar panels installed on the roof of our factory, a concrete project is also underway that will lead us, by 2024, to double this amount, giving another clear signal of which direction SUPERCAP is working towards.

A healthy and positive environment, whether it is the natural one or your working space, improves everyone’s performance.

Minimizing CO2 emissions, the pollution caused by processing waste and preventing the waste of such a precious thing like water. This is what we do every day with every means at our disposal.

This means an important benefit for everyone, both in environmental and economical terms.

There are three fundamental principles on which we base our vision of sustainability: CO2 reduction, economic efficiency and social equity.

As we already told you, an important part of our sustainable philosophy is the recovery of resources and materials.

Currently, in fact, we are able to recover up to 99% of production waste that would otherwise be unused, efficiently regenerating and integrating them back into our production cycle, without altering in any means the quality of our products.

Since SUPERCAP was born, our focus has always characterized us, pushing us to improve and invest in ideas and innovation. That’s why we were able to create Supercap E|C|O®, GREEN material that allowed us to make the first closure in the world for spirits and condiments that has a significantly reduced environmental impact, with values close to zero.

This is why so many of our customers choose Supercap E|C|O®, because they combine the quality of raw materials with a real and certifiable environmental advantage, directly proportional to the number of closures produced.

 As always, follow us into our world and give us your important opinion about this topic which is so important to us and the future of our planet.

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