Supercap closures for bottles:
Quality made in Italy

When elegance and design are perfectly combined – this means it is made in Italy!

Our closures stand out with efficient, creative and innovative production, because of our team’s passion every day.  Supercap is a leader in the closure industry on a global level, and we are proud to produce each and every cork with the most attention to detail.

Since 1999 our mission has always been to totally focus on the customer:  we respect the needs and quality standards of each customer with our specific production and quality control methods.

Over 20 years of research and development have resulted in the preservation of organoleptic properties of your product with the most innovative technologies and use of best raw materials.

This value added approach is found in every single cork produced at Supercap every day and allows us to introduce state of the art closures with specific purpose unmatched in the industry.

This article will focus on Supercap Eco® and Supercap Nature®.

Supercap Eco®: bartops made from sugar cane

Have you ever thought of a closures made from plant based products?

We did, and let us explain to you in detail how we did it!

Supercap Eco® bartops consist of 80% plant based polymers, recyclable & renewable with state of the art injection molding technology.

This sustainable approach is based on the life cycle of the sugar cane plant. During photosynthesis the plant absorbs more CO2 compared to the manufacturing’s release of CO2, so therefore we are able to compensate for our CO2 emitted during the whole product production process.

“This product has allowed us to embrace a sustainable philosophy and improve our production context, leading us to be the first to adopt this new technology in the manufacture of premium closures for spirits, oils and vinegars.”

  Mr. Mirco Bannini – CEO – Supercap

In addition to the eco-friendly quality of this material, Supercap Eco® bartops are extremely functional and can be produced in three different versions:

  • Supercap Eco® Monobloc
  • Supercap Eco® T-Plastic
  • Supercap Eco® Pourer

The T-Plastic model is also available with co-injected, a particular production technology, preventing the separation of the top and shank – 100% unbreakable!

Are you green? We are!

Supercap Nature®: the original bartop made with micro-granules, but no glue.

Supercap Nature® bartops are made with a blend of sanitized cork micro-granules plus specific thermoplastic polymers resulting in a taint free closure without off odors from binders or glue.

Our Nature shank bartops also help oxygen management and avoid any migration of compounds from the shank into the liquid at 40 degree Celcius.

Supercap Nature® represents the evolution of the traditional technical closures.

We have created a compound made of micro-granules of sanitized cork, without glue. A technology that Supercap nowadays is using both for the world of wine with the products of the Wine cap line and also for spirits, oils, vinegars and perfumes with the various closures belonging to the T-Cap line.”

– Mr. Mirco Bannini – CEO – Supercap

Supercap Nature® and Supercap Eco®, like all Supercap closures, are BRC (British Retail Consortium) certified.  The BRC sets the most stringent global standards for best practices for the food and manufacturing industries.

Customization of Supercap bartops to enhance your brand:

Do you agree that in an increasingly standardized world, the customer is always looking for product customization and therefore also willing to spend a little more on a decorated closure?

At Supercap we know how important it is to pay attention to design details to enhance and convey the best message, image and package, especially in this crowded market place.

For this reason we personalize each closure with your logo through the use of innovative techniques such as: 

  • Laser Etching on Top and Side
  • Pad Printing on Top and Side
  • Embossing on Side
  • Debossing on Top
  • Medal insert on wooden head top

We can also customize the color in order to better reflect your style, giving your package the most impact in the market place with consumers.

Would you like to receive more information on Supercap caps customization?

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