Product Experience: Functionality, Design, Materials, Environment. A story for each product and for each customer.

“Product experience is the perception customers have of your product based on their engagement with it”.

It is with this basic concept in mind that Supercap develops all of its work.

When a new project is born, the result of a specific request of the customer, a virtuous process is triggered which has the sole purpose of being able to produce a closure that can be perfect for the required function, bringing at the same time added value to the product, making it as desirable as possible to the final customer. 

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A process that includes important technical and technological knowledge, also many other skills and expertise for its development.

Design, materials, research, environmental sustainability, durability, following the customer’s requests, are all important “features” that must be enclosed – pardon the pun – even in closures of the simplest design.

Choosing the most suitable material (such as Supercap Nature®, Supercap Eco® or Classic), the design and the final use of the product (be it for spirits, oil, vinegar, wine or room fragrances …), are all factors of extreme importance.

This is why giving life to a project for us represents an experience that must be shared with our customer and with our partners, which in the end will also involve the final user when he tastes the product at home, with whom he loves or alone but in his “comfort zone”.

Nowadays it is important to put on the market a product that stands out thanks to its quality, but it is essential, in the production phase, to be able to customize its packaging to convey and express at its best all the intrinsic values that it has and the brand it represents.

Throughout its life cycle it is important to tell why and the attention with which its made, where it comes from, how it arrives on the shelf and in the hands of the final consumer who finally becomes part of this narrative.

All this happens because the products on the market are always increasing in number, but the sensations, the touch, the perfumes, are unique and singular to each of them and for this reason it is necessary to develop a product that can tell a story, made of ideas, problems, solutions, choices, feelings and that it’s able to communicate all of this, both to those who make it and those who benefit from it.

This is what we try to do every day in Supercap, this is what we want to do for you and with you.

“Not only simply closures”, but ideas that take shape and leave a pleasant memory to those who experience the product on this path.

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